The company’s business concept is based on nanotechnology. It is an interdisciplinary and particularly difficult field of science and technology that deals with atomically small objects of 10-9 sizes (nanometric dimensions). In particular, nanomaterials have a particle size of 1 – 100 nm in at least one dimension. Thanks to this, nanomaterials’ properties are driven by quantum effects. Therefore, compared to bulk macroscopic materials, nanomaterials exhibit specific features such as unique optical properties, extraordinary surface activity, corresponding chemical reactivity, and increased antibacterial activity. That is why they are new promising building blocks for the multifunctional materials of the future.

Methods for obtaining nanomaterials divide into “top-down” and “bottom-up” techniques. Top-down techniques are based on a significant reduction of macroscopic dimensions into the nanoscale, thus consuming considerable energy and being economically disadvantageous. In contrast, bottom-up approaches are fundamentally concentrated on building larger structures starting from molecules and/or atoms via a self-organizing process, thus frequently via chemical reactions. While these processes are highly sophisticated, they are also difficult to control and scale up. At ADJ Nanotechnology, we use sophisticated bottom-up techniques to produce our high-quality nanoproducts. By integrating the vast fundamental knowledge with the highest level of care and long-term practical experience in nanotechnology we are mastering such processes. This is what makes us the leaders in the nanotechnological market!

The innovative nanotechnology used in our own production allows great flexibility in selecting raw materials for synthesis. The process itself can be described as the so-called “one-pot” (in one reactor), where the individual reactants are our building blocks. Further processing is based on polishing the quality of our nanoproducts thanks to which we obtain nanoproducts with unique morphology, chemical composition, and extraordinary properties!

While other raw materials and substrates can also be introduced into the reaction mixture, they are further coated with nanoparticles of chosen composition. In this way, a hybrid nanostructure and unique bioactive coatings are designed and realized. Their chemical composition and parameters can be easily adapted to the detailed requirements of the end-user. The only limitation is the customer’s imagination, the need to provide specific functionalities, and, of course, the costs.

The obtained nanoproducts, while having unique functional properties, need to be optimized at several levels. That is further realized in our company at highest level of quality. Thus, the nanomaterials manufacturing process at ADJ Nanotechnology is excellent and highly innovative. We have strong arguments for this. These are a simple concept, production flexibility, and a practically unlimited combination of possible chemical compositions for our nanoproducts. We are open to any requirements regarding specific chemical compositions of nanoparticles and nanocoatings, and we are exclusively prepared to even the most difficult implementations within various complex projects.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience in the nanotechnology industry, we can meet your specific expectations regarding the production of nanocomposite particles. We are proud to offer the highest quality nanomaterials with tens of kilograms at reasonable prices for industrial and scientific purposes. Are you already amazed? Let’s cooperate!

Are you thinking of incredible nanomaterial but being afraid if it will work? Challenge us and be surprised with the results!