Nanotechnology is a new age of materials science. It is the technology of the future – a new paradigm to solving many problems, also most current and critical to the World.

In the field of nanotechnological solutions, ADJ Nanotechnology means INNOVATION, EXPERIENCE, FLEXIBILITY, QUALITY, and RELIABILITY. Check what this means to us!

  • INNOVATION has been associated with our company from the very beginning. ADJ Nanotechnology was established in response to the printing market demand for innovative nanomaterials with designed bioactive properties. The company specializes in the production of unique, patented, bioactive nanocomposite powders for use as a raw material in the production of materials with self-sterilizing properties. Offering innovation-driven solutions are our primary goal. As part of its research and development activities, ADJ Nanotechnology is constantly expanding its offer to new nanotechnology-based compositions for applications in innovative areas of science and technology. This enables rapid development and commercialization of breakthrough solutions of strategic importance for the target market, thanks to which various products gain new functionalities and extraordinary performances.
  • EXPERIENCE is closely related to the nanotechnological and business experiences of the company founders. Under close collaboration with Warsaw University of Technology and other European universities, the company has access to most actual research and nanotechnological ideas that grow exponentially for the benefit of both sides. This means gaining exclusive experience and know-how development, owning rights to producing and selling nanocomposite powders, and many more.
  • FLEXIBILITY. The company is highly concentrated on innovative nanoproducts with unique bioactive properties and focused on innovation in production and sale. The company also can flexibly adjust the business model of its offer and scope of activity to the expectations and development of the nanotechnology market in Poland and Europe.
  • QUALITY. Achieving the high quality and reproducibility of nanoproducts is a great challenge to every nanotechnological company. Thanks to the long-term experience of ADJ Nanotechnology founders and researchers’ team, the company possesses unique know-how in this crucial field. Competencies include close cooperation with research units and detailed knowledge on key technological parameters that support the quality of our products, starting from single grams up to tens of kilograms (Yes! We do offer such amounts of reproducible nanomaterials). At ADJ Nanotechnology, we carefully check every step of nanomaterials production and processing to achieve the best results. In such a way, the company is bringing unquestionable quality to the market.
  • RELIABILITY. At ADJ Nanotechnology, we are paying great attention to building long-term business relationships with our customers. Being in close cooperation with our clients and key business partners, we offer cooperation in designing new products or modifying the already existing ones. We support collaborators at every critical stage of product implementation to the market and its subsequent distribution. We are open to new ideas and strict requirements for specific chemical compositions of nanoparticles and nanocoatings. As a result of active support and advice in building a competitive advantage for target products, it is possible to obtain a tremendous added value of the investment.

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