Nanomaterials produced in ADJ Nanotechnology have a wide range of practical applications, including, but not limited to:

  1. PROTECTIVE COATINGS IN A GENERAL APPROACH. Protection of the surface of various products against microorganisms is mainly achieved by addingour nanoproducts to protective coatings applied on the surface. Including our nanoproducts in the formula of dispersion paints and varnishes allows controlling the growth of microorganisms. The surfaces of paper and plastic products can also be protected by covering them with such prepared varnishes. The paints can cover surfaces in contact with seawater, basement walls, or walls placed at the northern side of buildings. The protective coating also prevents discoloration and cracks caused by microbiological activity. Another application is protective coatings for special-care areas that require sterility, such as hospitals. In these spaces, the priority is to control the multiplication and growth of pathogenic microorganisms.
  2. WATER FILTRATION. Our nanoproducts used as a bioactive component of filters enable active control of the growth of microorganisms in various liquid media. Nanoparticles can be used wherever necessary to treat water, or purify the sewage sludge. Applications can span from aquariums, swimming pools, saunas, circulation systems, air conditioning systems, heat pumps up to large scale cooling or condensation towers.
  3. AIR FILTRATION. Application in air filtration includes filtration systems for biofilters, humidifiers, air ionizers, filtration for special applications and epidemiological protection (military, aviation), as well as anti-smog and protective masks.
  4. NONWOVENS. Another area of application forour nanoproducts in controlling the multiplication of microorganisms is cellulose, cotton, and other fibers. Silver nanoparticles added to nonwovens advance them by adding bactericidal and fungicidal functionalities thus creating smart nanotextiles.
  5. COSMETIC PRODUCTS. Our nanoproducts can also be applied in cosmetic products to preserve microbiological contamination on the skin, especially oily and acne-prone skins. While safety is our nanoparticles is an asset, they can also be used in deodorants, toothpastes, shampoos, lotions, foundation, anti-aging creams, and nail polish.
  6. CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS. The presence of microorganisms on the surface of construction materials may cause their discoloration, unsightly appearance, chipping, cracks, and in extreme cases, and even destruction. The addition of bioactive nanoproducts to various construction materials such as ceramic countertops or tiles makes it possible to extend the durability and lifetime of products made of them. In the case of wood-based products, impregnation with our nanoparticles extends the service life by reducing the microbial activity on the surface and inside these products.
  7. ODOR ELIMINATION. Another example of our nanoproducts application are various absorbent materials used in farms to eliminate animal odors. The addition of nanoparticles to absorbent materials ensures microbiological control, resulting in reducing unpleasant odors and extending the service life of absorbents with the addition of nanoparticles, thus eliminating the frequent use of antibiotics thus making animals healthy and happy.
  8. CATALYSIS. The combination of metal nanoparticles and ceramic matrices creates a wide range of catalysis applications. Commercial catalysts usually consist of three or four components: carrier/matrix material, catalytically active metal or oxide, promoter, and an inhibitor used optionally. Aluminum oxide in industrial catalysts most often plays the role of a carrier, responsible, among others, for developing the specific surface, increasing the mechanical resistance of the catalyst. It also increases the stability of the process and modifies the active ingredients applied to its surface. The application of noble metals or copper to such nanocomposites may additionally improve the performance of various catalysts.

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